Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello to all of those beautiful faces out there!

I am so glad you took the time to check out my blog! Given that this is the first post I feel that I should introduce myself. That being said, here we go!

I am a college student, newlywed (yay!), and most significantly, a Christian. I believe with all of my heart that God has changed my life, and continues to do so daily. My reason for beginning this blog is much more personal though; I have chronic anxiety. I have struggled with this most of my life, but did not know that I had anxiety until I began seeing a counselor in college. Now, I am trying to learn how to set achievable expectations for myself, learn, and grow. Recently it has been made clear to me that a certain amount of freedom comes from taking this embarrassing secret of anxiety and letting it out. That is the root of this blog; Peace from anxiety, Love with my husband, friends, and family, and my relationship with Jesus.
                                                                                  -Much Love, Lis

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